Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Order your 'Candy Twist #1' now!

UPDATE 19-04:

SOLD OUT again.

UPDATE 14-04:

I printed 20 more copies, 20 of which are now gone, so that means there are 0 copies still available

UPDATE 01-03:

Issue #1 is (temporarily?) SOLD OUT. I'm down to no copies, and I won't be able to make new ones before my vacation. Sorry! Maybe I'll make more when I come back, but that'll be a couple of weeks. I'll let you know!

I printed sixty copies of Candy Twist #1 yesterday, and I sent the first copy out this morning. Sadly the weight went just over 100 gr, which means shipping costs are quite a bit higher if you order one copy. The next weight limit is 250 gr, so for the same shipping costs I can send you 2 copies. Be smart and cheap if you know someone who may like one too!

The zine itself costs € 0,50.

Shipping costs for one or two copies:
Netherlands: € 2,00
Europe: € 3,40
Rest of the world: € 5,70

Total costs one copy:
Buy in person: € 0,50
Netherlands: € 2,50
Europe: € 3,90
Rest of the world: € 6,20

Total costs two copies:
Buy in person: € 1,00
Netherlands: € 3,00
Europe: € 4,40
Rest of the world: € 6,70

If you want to order a bigger amount of zines (for a distro, for example) please contact me, and we'll figure out the cheapest way to get them to you.

Order before Saturday March 3, and your copy should arrive soon. If you'll order later, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks, because I'll be on a vacation. Sorry!


  1. Ha, ik heb er net een besteld. Ben benieuwd!

  2. Sold out already? Wow. Hope it will get a re-print soon!

    Mark Litten

  3. Looking forward to a reprinting, D!