Thursday, November 14, 2013

My first release: a 12" DIY Pop compilation

Hello! I moved most of my activitities for Candy Twist to these places instead of here:
My brand new label will release the 12" DIY pop compilation 'Nobody's Business, volume one' one of these days, with lots of artists on it that have been featured in the 'zine. Last week I put the album up for streaming on bandcamp, and pre-orders can start now as well. I'm very excited about this!

The LP has brand new and exclusive songs on it by the following artists: The Fireworks, Cave Ghosts, The Hobbes Fanclub, Liechtenstein, Martha, The Felt Tips, Lost Tapes, Making Marks, Horowitz, Colour Me Wednesday, Heathers, and Young Romance.

I honestly think that every song here is very good. I really hope you'll feel the same way. Let me know what you think? That's half the fun for me of course, to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! I'm hoping to pick up writing here more regularly soon, so please do check back.

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Pre-order here
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