Friday, June 15, 2012

Order your 'Candy Twist #2' now!

I printed the first copies of Candy Twist #2 today! I don't have a lot of them yet, but I can send out the first few copies tomorrow.

Candy Twist #2 itself costs € 0,75. That's a bit more than the previous one, but you'll also get 25% more zine for it.

I haven't officially weighed this issue yet, but I'm hoping these prices will still be true:

Shipping costs for one or two copies:
Netherlands: € 2,00
Europe: € 3,40
Rest of the world: € 5,70

Total costs one copy:
Buy in person: € 0,75
Netherlands: € 2,75
Europe: € 4,15
Rest of the world: € 6,45

Total costs two copies:
Buy in person: € 1,50
Netherlands: € 3,50
Europe: € 4,90
Rest of the world: € 7,20

If you want to order a bigger amount of zines (for a distro, for example) please contact me, and we'll figure out the cheapest way to get them to you.

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